Create a route
Application View

The default page of the application contains all the created routes on the left side and the map, where you can find your routes manually.

The list of routes is divided into 3 categories:

Active – filters out all the active routes which have the data available;

Failed – filters out the routes which have some issues with processing it. Usually, the cause and a possible solution are shown as a pop-up message in the right corner when you open the route.

Closed - filters out the routes where some segments are impassable. The route will have data available again when road closure is not present anymore.

1. Account settings – allows to change the password to the Move portal, edit personal settings or log out from the account.

2. Navigation panel – allows to easily navigate within other applications or to go to the Dashboard. There are all the applications which you have access to (see the screenshot below).

3. Refresh button - allows updating the results of the created routes. It is also possible to select the option to automatically update the routes every 60 seconds.

4. Layers – allows changing the way the route will be colored on the interactive map – based on the Relative Speed or Absolute Speed.

Relative values (current speed relative to free flow):

Dark red: 0% - 60%

Red: 60% - 70%

Orange: 70% - 80%

Yellow: 80% - 90%

Green: 90% - 100%

Absolute values (km/h):

Gray = 0

Dark red from 0 to 30

Red from 30 to 60

Orange from 60 to 90

Yellow from 90 to 120

Green 120+

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