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What is Route Monitoring?

The TomTom Route Monitoring service provides an intuitive and powerful way to monitor strategic routes in real-time. Customers have the ability to pre-define important routes to their businesses getting detailed information on current travel time, current delay time and percentage delay, route distance, live data coverage and data confidence level.

The overall route information can also be checked on a segment level, providing accurate and detailed information about traffic flow dynamics down to short length extensions. The overall dashboard delivers a compact and easy way to monitor the whole list of created routes. Once a specific route is selected, additional valuable information is delivered by a color-coded chart representing the current absolute and relative speed, length and data confidence level per segment of the route.

TomTom Route Monitoring plays a big role not only in monitoring real-time traffic conditions but also influencing and guiding the dynamics of urban traffic. Its easy connection with roads Variable Messaging Signs (VMS) through a Traffic Management platform, provides drivers with key travel times and suggestions of alternative strategic routing.

Specially designed to support important markets, such as Traffic Management authorities, Emergency Services dispatchers, Natural and Human Disasters Rescue services, large Event Productions and Public Information, TomTom Route Monitoring is delivered though our TomTom API’s and web app.

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