Step 2 – Times

Time Periods should be defined for every analysis. Time Periods are time sets that represent more specific time definition.

To add the time ranges click “Create new times” or “Use existing template” in case you have previously saved one.

The time sets can be weekdays and hours of the day in which the analysis results will be presented. The time sets are useful to create comparison sets, such as morning rush hours versus evening rush hours, or typical week values against weekend patterns.

Follow these steps to add the time sets:

1. Click + to add a time set.

2. Select the hours for every time set. The arrow allows adding 15 minutes periods.

3. A star next to the time set name indicates base-set. It is a default time set which will be compared to other time sets in the analysis results.

The name of the time set could be changed.

4. Click “Add to report”.

5. Click “Next” to move to the next step.

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