Contracts Creation Guide

Move portal "contracts" is a feature that allows creating users and managing their access in a convenient and faster way by setting global and general rules for each contract and then assigning new users to them. Thanks to "contracts", you can:

  • Assign consumption limits to multiple users, so they will share these limits
  • Set product access in advance (schedule it for future)
  • Manage expiration dates with single action for multiple users on the same contract
  • Provide additional information and context thanks to contract names or notes
Contracts list that contains all the contracts created by the distributor.

Creating a new contract:

To create a new contract, simply click the "New contract" button in the upper left corner of the "Contracts" list, then select the products it should relate to and provide all the necessary information.

Creating a new contract. 

Product icons - here you can select the products a specific contract should provide to all the users who will be assigned to it.

Contract ID - here you can type the number to identify this contract. This field is not mandatory.

Name / Legal number - here you can name your contract, so it will be later visible in our "contracts" list. You can, for example, name it after the company or the project, so it will be much easier to identify while browsing through all your contracts. This field is not mandatory, but in case it's empty, the contract will be visible as an "unnamed contract".

Start and End date - here you can specify when the access to the selected products should start and end for the users included in it. You can select the start date as the current day, meaning that the access will be provided instantly, or you can select any day in the future when the access should start.

Contract type - here you can decide which type of access you want to provide to all the users included in the contract. The Evaluation contract will provide evaluation access to test the Move products, while the License is based on full, paid access according to the agreements with customers.

Organization - here you can specify the organization this contract should be connected with. It's possible to either select an existing organization or create a new one by typing its name in this field.

Notes - an additional field to add more information about the contract, any remarks or important comments, to make the contract easier to identify.

Once all the required details are provided, click "Create" to add the contract.

Contract creation is complete.

At this point, you can decide if you want to create another contract, assign users to the newly created one, or just view the contract you just added.

Detailed contract view where it's possible to manage all its settings and users.

Editing contracts & setting the usage limits:

In case you need to make some adjustments to the contract, such as changing its name, product access dates, and all the other information entered while creating it, press the pencil button next to the contract name.

Option to edit contract details.

Keep in mind, however, that it is not possible to change some values in case there are users already assigned to the contract.

Editing the contract information.

Before adding new users to a contract, it is always worth making sure all the product limits are set as intended. Keep in mind that these limits will apply globally to all the users assigned to the contract.

After creating a new contract, no limits are set, or there are some default limits in place. It is possible to either change them by setting a shared limit (between Traffic Stats and O/D Analysis only) or by using the pencil button next to each product.

Product usage limits and the option to edit them.

Adding users to the contract:

After making sure the usage limits are set properly, you can start assigning/adding users to your contract. To do that, click "Manage users" in the contract view.

A list with all the users assigned to the contract and a button to add more users to it.

At this point, a window to assign users will open. You can either select an existing user on the list and add it to this specific contract or create an entirely new user.

Keep in mind that it is not possible to assign users who are already connected to other contracts that are conflicting, for example, if both contracts provide access to overlapping date ranges.

It is only possible to assign users to multiple contracts if the values specified in them are not conflicting.

Assigning users to an existing contract.

To create a new user, simply enter the e-mail address and click "Add new user".

Adding a new user to the Move portal and the contract by providing the e-mail address.

It will then appear above the list of existing users. To finish the process, select this user and click "Save".

Selecting the newly created user and adding them to the contract.

The portal will tell you if the process was successful by a popup message in the upper right corner.

You can now click on the user's e-mail address to see a summary of that account - the current account status, the access status, the products this user has access to, and the usage limits which are defined in the contract.

User account settings with a summary showing all the products this user has access to.

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