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Information about the ways to get access to our applications and their pricing.
  • How can I get access to TomTom Traffic Analytics Products?

    There are several ways to get access to our products:

    - Start a free WebApp trial to using the Road Analytics Registration form https://move.tomtom.com/register

    - Fill in the 'contact us' form and a sales representative will contact you.

    - After the contract is signed, access is provided to our MOVE platform which provides access to our products.
  • What is the price to access the products?

    Please contact our sales team to receive the price related to your needs.
  • Can I try the product before purchase?

    Yes, it is possible to try the product before purchase. Fill in the Registration form and activate your MOVE account.
  • My evaluation period has expired, how can I extend my access?

    Contact our sales team, using the 'contact us' form in order to continue to analyse the road network. Our sales representative will contact you.
  • Do you offer APIs?

    We offer a Traffic Stats API, O/D Analysis API and Route Monitoring API. Visit our Developer Portal for more details.



Here you can find out if your country is supported by our applications.

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Quick tips about account management and how to solve possible access issues.


General questions about reports and how they are processed.

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