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Answers to the most common questions about our data and its quality.
  • Where do you get your traffic data from? Which devices?

    Since 2008 we have been collecting anonymous consumer-driven GPS based measurements. We receive signals from anonymous TomTom connected car in-dash navigation systems, portable navigation devices and anonymous GPS-equipped mobile phones.

    TomTom has over 600 million connected devices in use globally. This community generates over 3.5 billion kilometers of GPS measurements every single day and to date TomTom has amassed trillions of GPS measurements in over 80 countries.
  • How fresh is the data? Can I make a report for today?

    Synchronizing and saving all the new data we use in our tools might take some time.

    In Traffic Stats it is not recommended to use the last 3 days in the analysis date range to make sure the results contain a complete source of data. The recommended value is slightly different in O/D Analysis, however, where we do not advise using the last 7 days.

    Route Monitoring product is using live traffic data where updates are done every minute.
  • Do you offer real-time traffic data?

    Our Route Monitoring product provides the ability to receive detailed information on predefined routes on current travel time, current delay time and percentage delay, route distance, live data coverage and data confidence level.

    Learn more about our Live Traffic services here:

  • Do you offer historic data? How old is the data archive?

    There are two applications where we offer historical data:

    - Traffic Stats - data available from 2008.

    - O/D Analysis - data available for the last two years (moving time window).
  • Why there are different map versions? Which one should I use?

    We decided to add more map versions in Traffic Stats since the road network has changed over the past years, so the data for different date ranges could be analyzed on the same road network, which allows the data comparison.

    The map updates are done quarterly, which means the recent data can be analysed on the recent map.

    The application suggests the best map version for the selected date range (eg. May 2020, the closest road network is map version 2020.03). However, it is you who defines which road network suits more for your project. So, if you want to analyse the data from May 2020, you can also use the older map like 2018.03 and the data will still be map matched.


Here you can find out if your country is supported by our applications.

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