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Creating junctions
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My Junctions List
"My Junctions" landing page.

This section is the first page you will see after opening the Junction Analytics tool from the Move portal dashboard. It contains all the junctions created on your Move account.

"My Junctions" list is divided into two different viewing modes. Besides the simple "List view" setting, it is also possible to enable the "Split view" mode.

Junction Analytics split view switch.

This mode allows you to see both the junctions list and the world map where you can see all your junctions in the form of dots.

World map view with all the user junctions visible after enabling the "Split View" setting.

Apart from browsing through your junction results page by page, you can use the search option to find the specific junctions by entering their names.

"My Junctions" search window.

Each junction on this list contains some information to differentiate and easily locate the one you want to pick. Besides the junction name, you are also able to see whether the junction has traffic lights, how many and which FRC's (Functional Road Classes) it has, how many Approaches to the intersections there are, its current Status, and the date when it was Updated At.

Basic information displayed for each created junction displayed in the "My Junctions" section.

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