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Segment Information

Besides the route information, Route Monitoring also delivers segment-level detailed traffic data. The segment information is given in a pop-up on the map and in the interactive chart, where your selected segment will be highlighted in dark green.

· Current Speed (Absolute): the real-time average speed for the specific segment;

· Current Speed (Relative): the real-time average speed in comparison to TomTom’s Free Flow speed;

· Typical speed: the typical speed at a given time based on TomTom Speed Profiles data (calculated per each 5-minute time bin). We do not provide any fallback in case it is not available.

· Confidence: confidence level (volume and quality) of the real-time data provided for the specific segment;

· Length: the length of the selected segment;

Relative and Absolute Value Color Scale

The route segments are colored based on the below values:

Relative values (current speed relative to free flow):

Red: 0% - 60%

Orange: 60% - 70%

Yellow: 70% - 80%

Light Green: 80% - 90%

Green: 90% - 100%

Absolute values (km/h):

Red = 0 to 30

Orange = 30 to 60

Yellow = 60 to 95

Light Green = 95 to 120

Green = 120+

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