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This section is the main view of the TomTom O/D Analysis application. It contains a list of all your available reports, their statuses, their creation date and the duration it took to calculate them.

A list of all the analyses in “My Reports” section.

It is also possible to search the reports by name, mark them as favorites and view in a separate “Favorites” tab or even clone them to make a new analysis based on the settings of the one you are cloning.

My Reports search bar and Favorites selector.

In order to clone a report or mark it as a favorite, you need to hover your pointer over a report and use the buttons which will appear on the right.

Clone, Favorite & Share buttons for a specific analysis.

NOTE! If the analysis is queued or running, an additional “Cancel”button will appear which allows you to abort the calculation of the analysis.

Below you can see about all the statuses available in “My Reports” section, which are further explained in the next section of the user guide:

It is also possible to share your analysis results by creating a shareable link.

Generating a shareable link to share the analysis results.

NOTE! Using the “DELETE” button will expire the link and the results will not be accessible anymore.

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