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If the analysis was calculated properly and accepted on the user’s end, opening it from your “My Reports” list will load a results page.

Analysis results page.

TomTom O/D Analysis offers 5 different methods you can use to review the results. In this chapter we will focus on the fourth one - Spatial Sankey.

4. Spatial Sankey

The Spatial Sankey view allows you to display the results in a Spatial Sankey. This visualization type is particularly useful if you have a lot of regions. This view makes it much easier to recognize dense flows between regions.

Analysis results in form of a Spatial Sankey showing the relations between regions as lines.

Selecting a specific line connecting two different regions will show you the number of trips for each direction.

Information about the number of trips between Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg regions in both directions.

The date and the time ranges can be changed in the bottom left corner of the map.

Date range and time range selector in Spatial Sankey results.

In the case of more date ranges and time ranges in the same analysis, it is also possible to easily compare different results in the tool. The "+Compare" button allows you to load a mirrored screen showing results for a different date and/or time ranges on the same page.

Mirrored screen showing different data for different time ranges in Spatial Sankey.

In case the analysis has many different regions and it is harder to view the results on the map, we recommend increasing the slider for the lower limit. That way the results will be clearer, and you will only see the relations with a higher trip count.

Additional controls with a slider to change the lower trips limit.

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