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About Road Event Reporter

Road Event Reporter (RER) is a web-based portal for road authorities and other professional organizations to inform millions of road users in a short time about events which affect the road network and the traffic flows.

This powerful tool is only available to professional organizations such as road authorities, highways agencies, traffic managers, construction companies and transportation consultants.

TomTom invites all professional stakeholders in traffic management who would like to reach all users of TomTom Traffic data with their expert information about incidents to apply for access to the TomTom Road Event Reporter. For more information, contact the TomTom Road Event Reporter helpdesk at

Road authorities and other trusted organizations can easily report road closures, road works, sports events and other disruptions which affect traffic. The easy-to-use Road Event Reporter interface allows the creation of an event using the following two parameters:

  • The event locations with their date and time.
  • Event cause and effect.

Reported events can be communicated promptly to drivers using multiple delivery channels, for example directly to portable and in-dash navigation devices, smartphone navigation apps and to roadside systems. Using Road Event Reporter brings the road authority or organization closer to connected cars, which enables traffic managers to provide the same information to drivers that is being displayed on roadside signs.

The event can be reported as soon as it has occurred. An event can also be planned to start and end at specific times in the future. Knowing about a route restriction allows RER reporters and road users to plan the route and avoid the obstacle and therefore prevent delay.

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