Create The Report

To start creating an analysis click “New report”.

1. Provide a report name.

2. Select the report type you are interested in - a route, area – full or area – traffic density (the difference between area-full and area-traffic density is described here: Step 3 – Draw a Route/Area.

3. The “Report series” is described in a separate section on the portal (Schedule Report Series).

4. Accepting method – there are two different methods that are available. The first option, which is selected by default, is “Manual”. It allows you to review the average Sample Size of the report and, based on that information, decide whether you wish to accept the report or reject it. The second option is “Automatic”. It allows you to specify the sample size threshold based on your preference. If the report does not contain sufficient sample size data to meet the threshold, it will be automatically rejected.

5. Full traversal - this option takes into consideration vehicles that travelled the whole route only. The results might contain a lower sample size number as vehicles that changed direction are not considered. The Full Traversal option relates only to the route report and is not selected by default.

Important Note!

Full archive support for this option is only offered for the last ~2 years of data (moving window). For older data, limited data are used which can impact your results.

6. For your convenience, it is possible to add tags to the report. This will help you to find the created report easier and faster.

7. Click “Create” to continue.

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