Draft – The analysis has been saved as a draft and is awaiting action.

In Progress – The analysis is being calculated.

Need Confirmation – The analysis has been calculated and is waiting for acceptation or rejection by the user.

Done – The analysis is done, and the user can review the results.

Rejected – The analysis has been rejected by the user or the system.

Error – The analysis has failed due to an error.

Expired – The analysis has expired due to reaching its expiration date and it cannot be reviewed anymore. The period of the availability of the analysis is 1 year.

Report Series Statuses

Active - some of the reports could have been already created, but some are planned for the future and will be created after the data appears in the application. (Keep in mind, all of the reports series will stay Active until x:30, as it starts running every hour).

Cancelled - it is possible to cancel the schedule, however the created reports will stay active.

Executed- all of the scheduled reports are created.

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