Schedule Report Series

It is possible to create an analysis in the report series, set the time for it, and then instead of choosing dates, set a schedule for this report.

There are three schedule types: daily, weekly & monthly. All the reports contained in one schedule share the same route/area and the same time sets.

Scheduling a report series also allows planning schedules in the future. In case the date range is in the future, a new report will start calculating in the queue each day, week or month once our system has the data for these days.

Below are instructions to schedule a report series using the daily option as an example:
A user wants to calculate four different reports for the same route, every Saturday & Sunday in January, from 8am to 8pm.

  1. To start creating a schedule click "+ Create schedule"
'Create Schedule' Button

2. Set the parameters for your schedule.

For the sake of the example the user will choose: daily report type, 01/01/2023 - 01/31/2023 as their from - to dates, and Sat & Sun as days of the week.

Creating a Daily Schedule

It works the same with weekly and monthly options but instead of calculating the analysis for one day, it will use weeks or whole months. In those cases the start date should be chosen and the number of repeats.

The number of repeat limits for each schedule type are:
Daily - 31
Weekly - 52
Monthly - 12

Creating a Weekly Schedule

3. Click "Add to report"

Once the rest of your report parameters are set, the system will start calculating separate reports for the same route/area, time set(s) and dates picked in the schedule.

Keep in mind:

1. In case of using recently past days in the schedule, it might take some time to process the data in the system. Data might not be available straight away and can take up to a few days to process reports.
2. If you would like to schedule more series than the limited number of repeats, you will need to do it in separate batches.
3. Series start every hour at half past the hour

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