Introduction: Traffic Stats

Historical Traffic Services

TomTom Historical Traffic Services gives you access to the largest car-centric traffic database of trillions of anonymously collected real-trip data points and provides a reliable data source for analysis to understand and predict driving behavior across road networks. The TomTom Historical Services location data is available for all road segments within cities and highways, enabling analysis with great coverage and attractive pricing.

Introduction to Traffic Stats

One of the products of the TomTom Historical Traffic Services is the TomTom Traffic Stats, a cloud-based solution available through a self-service web portal (TomTom Move) or via APIs (TomTom for Developers). With a simple set of input parameters, the user can specify a customized query for their own road network, the specific days of interest, and the time periods in that date range that need to be studied. The results are computed and a report is made available. The average delivery time for smaller requests is within a few minutes. Even with very large queries containing a large area and a wide date range the query should never take longer than 24 hours. When the query is ready the output is available for download or viewing in the portal.

The extensive and detailed coverage associated with a wide time span makes Traffic Stats the best and most affordable solution proportionally compared to traditional traffic management methods.

Within the Traffic Stats product, three types of analysis are made available:

· Route Analysis: allows users to define a specific route and generate average speed, average travel times, and sample size ( the number of vehicles that traversed a segment);

· Area - Analysis: allows users to define an area and generate average speeds, average travel times, and sample size (the number of vehicles that traversed a segment) for every segment;

· Area - Traffic Density: focused analysis only on sample size (number of vehicles that traversed a segment), excluding all speed and travel time parameters.

The main difference between the Area - Analysis and Area - Traffic Density Analysis is that instead of the full report information (speed, travel time, and other average values) you will receive only the vehicle number observed for every segment.

The product, relevant features, and step-by-step instructions for report creation are further described in the following sections.

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